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ClearSteps Therapeutic Approach

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Key to your child's success

About the program

The Crystal Paths Therapy Centre strongly believes that a developmentally holistic approach between our various therapeutic components and our unique multidisciplinary environment is the key to your child’s success. This holistic philosophy formed the groundwork for our ClearSteps Therapeutic Approach, a clear, concise and comprehensive therapeutic treatment service.  


As illustrated in the following models, The ClearSteps Therapeutic Approach combines 3 main components integral to our Individualized Service Plans. The ClearSteps Developmental Pyramid addresses the developmental needs of the learner by focusing on the foundational developmental skills required for further advancement in a child’s motor and cognitive development. The ClearSteps Circle of Professionals is an assemblage of knowledgeable and experienced treatment practitioners that in combination form an all-encompassing multidisciplinary team. The ClearSteps Circle of Support ensures that the proven intervention strategies are implemented by consolidating learning and skill acquisition across all developmental domains.

Professional Services Provided in The ClearSteps Therapeutic Approach:

  • Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI): Children who are enrolled for the 15 to 20 IBI hours per week receive daily supervision from the Clinical Coordinator and monthly supervision by the Clinician-In-Charge. All IBI learners receive an Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised (ABLLS-R) and an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that are presented to the parents/guardians by the Clinical Coordinator.   Additional ISP update meetings will occur on 6-month interval when the child’s ABLLS-R is re-assessed.

  • Speech and Language Pathology (SLP): Speech & Language Therapy is designed to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat cognitive and social communication, speech, language and swallowing disorders.  Our SLP assesses and facilitates all consultation every 3 months to incorporate the SLP goals to the ISP. Goals are reviewed monthly by the Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDA) and the Senior Therapist (ST).


  • NeuroNet: NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program designed for development of fluency in essential reading, math, and handwriting skills.  Programming is geared towards teaching the child how to learn independently, synchronize speed and accuracy networks, training the brain to practice needed skills and learning to self-evaluate responses as this is the key to motivation.  


  • Neurofeedback: Neurofeedback is a direct brain training program designed to shape brainwave activity to perform in a regulated and productive state.  Specific brainwave activity of the individual child is targeted and addressed using visual and auditory exercises. Neurofeedback sessions take place 2 to 3 times per week with consultation meetings conducted  quarterly every 3 months by the Neurofeedback Supervisor


  • Social Skills: Teaching social understanding and critical social thinking is addressed and practiced within our group environment with supported ABA-based instruction.


  • Behaviour Support Specialist: With a core philosophy of providing for the care, welfare and safety of everyone, Crystal Paths  utilizes adheres to provincially approved nonviolent crisis intervention protocols. When necessary, our (CPI) certified Behaviour Support Specialist’s proven program interventions  give our Treatment Team the skills, strategies and support to properly implement a child’s individualised Behaviour Support Plan. 


  • Parental ABA Support Services: Families receive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) supports every 3 months by a Senior Staff member from the child’s treatment team within their home environment.  Family members receive coaching and the necessary strategies to compliment the child’s learning in order to integrate the goals from the child’s ISP within his/her home.

  • Assistance and Advocacy: A Senior Staff member from the child’s treatment team will provide advocacy support for school meetings and when meeting with other community agencies and/or community stakeholders.

  • Music Therapy: Music Therapy is an expressive therapeutic approach that uses the musical experiences of singing, listening, improvising, collaborating to achieve treatment goals while embedding OT and SLP goals.  Our certified Music Therapist facilitates the Music Therapy Program once a week within our group setting.

  • Transportation: The child will receive safe and reliable transportation services to accommodate the needs of the families and their child’s learning schedules.

Developmental Pyramid - Circle of Professionals - Circle of Support

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