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Crystal Paths

Endless Training for Autism

Learning Center

Miami, Florida

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

The Crystal Paths Learning Center strongly believes that a developmentally holistic approach between our various Clinical, Educational and Recreational Services is the key to any child's success. 

The Crystal Path’s Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program is an evidence-based Program approved intensive behavioural intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Neurodevelopmental Delays. 


A Treatment Team made up of a Clinical Director, Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Support Specialist and Registered Behaviour Therapists collaborate to ensure assessments, curriculums, data collection, and program supervision follow The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behaviour Analysts.  To ensure the development, implementation and overall effectiveness of each client’s individual service plan, each child receives the following therapeutic services: 

- One-on-One, Small & Large Group Instruction.

- ABLLS-R and/or AFLS Assessments.

- ISP Curriculum.

- Daily Session Reports and Regular Update Meetings.

- Individual Teaching Materials.

- Technologies and Augmentative Devices.

The Crystal Paths Speech & Language Pathology (SLP) Program is overseen by our on-site Speech-Language Pathologist (S-LP), who along with a team of Registered Communicative Disorder Assistant’s (CDA) facilitate the individualized speech therapy sessions. 


The SLP program team collaboratively focuses on the prevention, identification, evaluation and treatment of speech, language, feeding and swallowing issues. By targeting specific areas of concern, this evidence-based therapy has proven effective in appropriately assessing a variety of Communicative Disorders and properly treating concerns such as:

- Receptive and Expressive Language Delays.

- Articulation Concerns.

  - Fluency and Stuttering.

- Motor Speech Disorders.

- Eating and Swallowing Disorders.

The Crystal Path’s ABA Equipped Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) incorporates Applied Behavioural Analysis methodology into the delivery of manualized practical and goal-based CBT.  The ABA Equipped CBT program is supervised and monitored by our Clinical Psychologist and follows research-proven CBT curriculums which are structured to teach new practical skills and coping tools.  Following an initial intake and planning session, weekly one-on-one sessions will vary in length depending on programs chosen, identified goals, and the pace in which material is worked through.  

The Crystal Path’s Stress & Anxiety Program is an individually tailored program uniquely programmed for each client.  Based on the concepts and principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the Stress & Anxiety Program’s accredited Psychotherapist utilizes therapy techniques such as PRT, Floor-Time, Hypnotherapy, and Talk Therapy to assist children ages 4 and up.  A minimum four session commitment provides each client with a detailed assessment and treatment plan, along with daily session reports.  

The Crystal Path’s Neurofeedback program is an (EEG) biofeedback brain training exercise that strengthens neural pathways in the brain.  Our Certified Neurofeedback Technicians conduct advanced brain mapping and assessment by attaching non-invasive sensors to target specific areas of the brain.  The client’s brainwave activity is received and displayed in real-time, where neurofeedback activated patterns are reinforced until optimal brainwave levels are reached.  This painless yet effective form of self-regulated brain training addresses many issues including mood and emotions, sleep disorders and ADHD.

The Crystal Path’s NeuroNet program aims to teach children to become independent learners through a fun sequence of developmental exercises.  This innovative program was designed to integrate temporal processing with perceptual-motor organizations and has been adopted by numerous treatment professions such as Audiology, Speech Pathology, Developmental Optometry, as well as Occupational and Physical Therapy.   Adjunct to other CLLC therapies, NeuroNet is a beneficial supplementary treatment for ASD, ADHD, Speech and Language Delays, and Fine and Gross Motor Delays.

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